12 Gallon Mix
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SnoWonder is proud to offer our best fake snow, 12 Gallon Mix. It features:

  • 12 colorful packages, each makes 1 gallon of snow

  • 100% safe and friendly to the environment

  • Easy to make

  • ERUPTS into snow in a few seconds with NO MIXING

  • After a few hours of play, save the fake snow in a large zip bag or plastic container and reopen a day or a week later for another play day

A 12-gallon mix of fake snow from SnoWonder is a fantastic option for those seeking to transform their space into a winter wonderland. SnoWonder is renowned for their high-quality and safe artificial snow products.

This 12-gallon mix of instant snow is made with a superabsorbent polymer that expands when mixed with water, creating realistic and fluffy snow. With a 12-gallon mix, you have ample artificial snow to cover tables, mantels, and other areas to create a visually stunning winter landscape.

With instant fake snow, you can let your creativity and imagination run wild as the possibilities are endless. If the theme of your event includes winter, snow, Christmas, skiing or snowboarding, or anything where dramatic white snow can play a part, SnoWonder is what you need for a memorable presentation. Originally developed for indoor snowboard parks in Japan, SnoWonder lets you create your own perfect Winter Wonderland event.

SnoWonder is an extremely realistic artificial snow that can be used for parties, displays, holidays, hobbies, and all kinds of fun! SnoWonder powder is a safe and non-toxic polymer developed specifically to imitate most of the properties of snow. Our fake snow will not melt or blow away, and with a little care, it can be used on almost any surface, indoors or outdoors (see Mixing instructions for outdoor use limitations).

Our small packages make anywhere from a bowl of snow to a cubic foot of snow, and bulk quantities of every size are available. Indoors, SnoWonder lasts for weeks and can be reused to make it snow again and again!

Not only does the fake snow look incredibly realistic, but our fake snow for sale also retains its fluffy texture for an extended period without melting or dissolving. This allows you to enjoy the beauty and charm of artificial snow without the hassle of real snow. The 12-gallon mix of instant snow provides excellent value for creating a snowy atmosphere and bringing the joy of winter to your space.

With SnoWonder's 12-gallon mix of fake snow, you can easily create a magical and enchanting winter scene, adding a touch of whimsy and delight to any event or space. Order online today!

  • Lasts for many weeks indoors

  • Easy to Clean Up

  • Very Affordable