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The fake snow you see in movies and on television and the artificial snow used on ski slopes create some common assumptions about what artificial snow is, and we would like to clarify that for you and explain how and where to buy instant snow for your event.

REAL SNOW MACHINES are only used on ski slopes and these machines only work below 20 degrees, are very expensive and cannot be rented anywhere.

FOR GROUND SNOW most people, and most professionals in film and television, use our Instant Fake Snow Decorations...NO MACHINE REQUIRED. See information below.

FOR FALLING SNOW we sell a wonderful Artificial Snowfall Machine that produces the same snowfall used in film and television, but this snow evaporates as soon as it lands and does not leave any snow to play in. For ground snow to play in or for decoration you have to use Instant Snow powder, which does not use a machine...just add water!

DRY SNOW comes in 2 forms, a SNOW BLANKET of roll out snow, and WHITE PLASTIC SNOWFLAKES. You will find them on the Instant Snow page if you prefer this less realistic but easy to use snow. Check out our White Plastic Snow here!

What is called "Real snow" is shaved ice that is very expensive and icy cold, so kids will get very cold and wet and need to change clothes after a short time. We do not provide this and you will have to look for a local ice or event company if this is what you want.


SnoWonder is the most amazing fake snow online on the market! WHEN YOU ADD WATER TO OUR POWDER IT ERUPTS INTO ARTIFICIAL SNOW IN A FEW SECONDS WITH NO MIXING - and Artificial Snow Is Environmentally Safe!

Not Only is Our Snow Nearly Identical to Real Snow, it is...

  • 100% safe and friendly to the environment
  • Easy to Make; ERUPTS into Snow in a few seconds with NO MIXING
  • Lasts for days or weeks with proper care (protected from too much sun and all rain
  • Easy to Set Up and Clean Up
  • Very Affordable
  • We ship fast Every Day

If You Need Just a Small Amount of Instant Snow Powder - or Enough Instant Snow Polymer to Fill a Room - you came to the Right Place.


The possible uses for SnoWonder fake snow are endless. It's great indoor or outdoor fake snow for parties, displays, holidays, hobbies, and all kinds of fun! Check out some customer photos

Here are some more ideas to get you started... just click on these links for more information!

  • Holiday Decorations: Our indoor and outdoor instant fake snow, shredded plastic flakes and artificial snow blankets instantly turn your home, office or event into a Winter Wonderland and will give you a white Christmas.
  • Events & Displays: Whether in a snow-filled centerpiece, a large Holiday scene, a backdrop for a promotional or trade show, or any decoration theme using snow, Snowonder will be the most dramatic part of your event.
  • Party Decorations: Children or adults playing in snow at your party? Themed parties can be dramatic or subtle, and everyone can make and take home their own snow!
  • Photo & Video Shoots: The professional's choice for realistic, easy to use and cost effective fake snow for every type of still shoot and film work.
  • Schools & Crafts: Thousands of teachers use our perfect artificial snow for classroom and schoolwide projects and events every year. Science projects, crafts, school plays are just some of the educational and fun ways to use our snow.
  • Fun & Entertainment: Everyone loves to play in snow, and now you can do it indoors anytime you like. Nightclubs and restaurants and special events of all kinds can easily and quickly be themed with snow, and both kids and adults can entertain themselves and their friends making and playing with artificial snow.


Our Snowfall machines turn your indoor or outdoor event into a Winter Wonderland by shooting realistic artificial snowflakes 15 to 20 feet into the air. Dazzle your friends and neighbors with fake snow at parties and winter holiday events, and with fake snow on parade floats or in stage productions. Like ALL snowfall machines, this type of snow evaporates in a minute or less after landing. Our patented solution leaves the ground dry and with no residue.

Combine it with our Instant snow on the ground to create a Winter Wonderland the same way movie and production companies create realistic snow scenes. Works is cold or warm weather. Completely safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. Set up and ready to use in minutes.

The artificial snowfall machine comes with 6 bottles of Solution in the box, providing up to 3 hours of run time; order extra solution as needed.

With FREE SHIPPING and free solution, you can own a machine for less than the cost of a rental. Made by Snowmasters, manufacturers of commercial machines used in major films and amusement parks worldwide. 1 year limited warranty direct from the manufacturer.