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Snow Machines produce a wonderful FALLING SNOW EFFECT but the snow does not accumulate on the ground; it evaporates and is gone in a minute or two.
Adding falling snow completes the Winter Wonderland look at every type of event. This is the snow that is dropped at every Disney park during the Frozen parade, and at major shopping centers during the Christmas season. The snow is fake, but the look is very realistic.

These are different from Ski Slope machines that can only be used when it is 20 degrees out. Whenever you see snow machines for sale, they produce the evaporative snow only.

Our artificial snowfall machines are made for home and small event use, and are manufactured in the USA by the same company that makes the commercial machines at Disney and other parks and at all major film studios. Our machines are also used to produce falling snow in TV shows, advertising videos and photoshoots, and at tree lighting and Holiday events of all kinds.

The artificial snowfall machines use a biodegradable, nontoxic and proprietary concentrate that is added to water in the tank. Every machine comes with one free 6 pack of concentrate, and every fill of the machine gives you 20 to 30 minutes of run time. Of course, we always stock extra solution so you can reorder every year.

You can see our selection of Snow Machines HERE