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How to safely use our snow products:
Used properly, our Instant ground snow made from powder and our falling snow made from liquid concentrate and water in a machine will provide many hours of safe fun for your event. Always read the mixing instructions for adding water to Instant Snow powder, and always read and follow the Machine manual for falling snow.

Here are a few important things to note:


1. Fake snow is slippery like real snow, so make sure you only use it where guests expect it! Put down a tarp on grass, or padding on a hard surface, and make sure your snow is deep enough for cushioning if someone slips. Do not use in walking areas or on a dance floor.

2. Limit exposure to sun and rain or the snow may turn into a grey slush that is no fun! Sun exposure is fine if kids are playing in the snow as they shade and mix it around. But do not leave it out in full sun with no one in it, especially when the sun is strong. Cover with dark plastic when no one is in it, or if it starts raining.

3. You must pick up the snow after use. That is why we tell you to put a tarp or cloth under it for easy pickup and removal. Read full Mixing Instructions for more details.
For small areas, remove snow and dig into garden soil or dispose of in trash. You can also scatter salt on the snow and then wash away with a hose or watering can.

FOR LARGE AREAS: Either remove most of the snow as above, or use the salt and water method until it is gone. DO NOT put in sink or drain as it may clog, and do not try to water it away as it will turn to slush. Slush can be broken down with ordinary salt.

Reuse by letting guests take a bag of snow home. Or, spread very thin on plastic (indoors) and let it dry out for reuse at a later date. You can also store wet snow in bags for a limited time.


1. If you place the artificial snow making machine on the ground and there is no wind or air movement, the snow may temporarily accumulate in one area and leave some moisture on the floor. On a carpet it will dry and not stain, but on a highly polished floor it can become slippery. To avoid that, put the machine as high above the floor as possible, as the farther the snow travels, the faster it will evaporate and leave a dry floor. You can also put a fan beside it to create a better air current to make the snow travel farther.

2. All snowfall machines have a blower, and in a small quiet space it can seem noisy. Outdoor use is best, but in a large indoor space with very high ceilings and a lot of other sounds, the blower will not seem loud.

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