10 Pound Bulk Pack makes 120 Gallons
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SnoWonder is proud to offer our best fake snow, 10 Pound Bulk Pack makes 120 Gallons. It features:
  • 100% safe and friendly to the environment
  • Easy to make; ERUPTS into snow in a few seconds with NO MIXING
  • Lasts for many weeks indoors
  • Easy to clean up
  • Very affordable
Makes over 16 cubic feet (120 Gallons) of snow. Will cover a 10 by 20 foot area (200 square feet) approx.1 inch deep. FREE 2-7 day UPS Ground Shipping, or choose faster shipping options.
With instant fake snow, you can let your creativity and imagination run wild as the possibilities are endless. If the theme of your event includes winter, snow, Christmas, skiing or snowboarding, or anything where dramatic white snow can play a part, SnoWonder is what you need for a memorable presentation. Originally developed for indoor snowboard parks in Japan, SnoWonder lets you create your own perfect Winter Wonderland event.
SnoWonder is an extremely realistic artificial snow that can be used for parties, displays, holidays, hobbies, and all kinds of fun! SnoWonder powder is a safe and non-toxic polymer developed specifically to imitate most of the properties of snow. This instant snow will not melt or blow away, and with a little care, our artificial snow can be used on almost any surface, indoors or outdoors (see Mixing instructions for outdoor use limitations).
Our small packages make anywhere from a bowl of snow to a cubic foot of snow, and bulk fake snow quantities of every size are available. Indoors, SnoWonder lasts for weeks and can be reused to make it snow again and again!
The 10 Pound Bulk Pack of artificial snow from SnoWonder is a game-changer for anyone looking to create a winter wonderland. This fake snow product has the capacity to make an astonishing 120 gallons of artificial snow, making this instant snow perfect for large events, commercial venues, or even just avid winter enthusiasts.
SnoWonder's artificial snow is made using an environmentally-friendly and non-toxic blend that mimics the look and feel of real snow. It's easy to mix and can be used for various applications, such as snow play areas, photo shoots, or themed events.
With the 10 Pound Bulk Pack of fake snow, you can effortlessly transform any space into a snowy paradise. The pack of SnoWonder instant snow is optimized for convenience and value, providing you with ample amounts of artificial snow at an affordable price point.
Whether you're hosting an event or simply want to add a touch of winter magic to your surroundings, the 10 Pound Bulk Pack of artificial snow from SnoWonder is the perfect solution. Create memorable moments and enjoy the beauty of snow, all year round. Order today!
  • Great for many uses
  • Makes a large amount of fake snow
  • Easy to make and use
  • Ships quickly