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White plastic snowflakes have been used for many decades as the go-to look for store windows and every possible type of winter decoration. Older movies and television used them for falling snow before there were evaporative snowfall machines, and for ground snow before there was instant snow.

About half of films and tv shows still use white plastic snowflake decorations, as any close look will tell you. They are the first choice for on-stage ballet and theater productions.

Indoors, white plastic flakes are easy to use, and easy to scoop up to reuse the next year. At events, they are the safest choice for floor use as they create little risk when walked on, compared to more realistic Instant Snow. In displays that need to last for weeks or months, they (along with Snow Blankets) are the best choice.

Plastic snowflake decorations cannot be easily contained, so in most cases they cannot be used outdoors.

Many of our customers use white plastic snowflakes for indoor decoration at home and events, often highlighting most visible areas with Instant Snow.

We sell the flakes in large 25lb boxes that will cover 150 square feet or more with about an inch of flakes. Contact us for very large orders that can be shipped on pallets at considerable savings (12 or more boxes).