Snow Blankets, Professional Grade, covers 270 square feet, Free Shipping
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SnoWonder is proud to offer our Snow Blankets. Features:

  • Professional grade

  • Covers 270 square feet

  • Great for front yards and other large areas

  • Offers a magical, transformative experience

Snow blankets from SnoWonder are a unique and innovative way to bring the beauty and joy of snow indoors or outdoors. SnoWonder is a brand that specializes in creating non-toxic, environmentally friendly artificial snow products.

Snow blankets from SnoWonder can be easily spread across any surfaces to create a wintry atmosphere in any setting.

These snow blankets are perfect for holiday decorations, winter-themed events, and theatrical productions. These decorative snow blankets can be used to transform indoor spaces into a snowy wonderland, capturing the magic and enchantment of winter.

Order our snow blankets that come in one large box with two snow blanket rolls, 2 inches thick, 27 inches wide and 60-feet long. The total coverage is approximately 270 square feet. Artificial snow blankets are used for large displays and camera work. In addition, this faux snow blanket holds up well outdoors in any weather, and can be saved and reused. This decorative snow blanket pairs perfectly with our instant snow or white plastic flakes for a natural look. Sorry, we do not split snow blanket boxes. Email us for quantity discounts and include the coverage area needed and delivery address.

Whether you want to decorate your home for a cozy winter ambiance or create a magical scene for a party or event, SnoWonder's snow blankets are a versatile and hassle-free option. These fake snow blankets offer the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and charm of snow without the cold temperatures or the need for real, melting snow.

With SnoWonder's snow blankets, you can bring the magic of a winter wonderland indoors and create lasting memories for yourself and your guests. Order online today!

Note, because the boxes are very large, faster shipping than ground is VERY expensive. Please email or call for rates.

California Fire Retardant Certificate available for Snow Blankets

  • Free shipping

  • Fluffy texture

  • Reusable

  • Stores easily