SnowFall "BOX" Machine with Solution for 3 hour run time
SnowFall Machine

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The "BOX" SnowFall Machine turns your indoor or outdoor event into a Winter Wonderland by shooting realistic fake snow 15 to 20 feet into the air.
The unique "box" design of this machine, with a 6 1/2 foot flexible "hose" enables you to set up the machine in any location and direct the snow by clamping, or holding the tube while the snow shoots out. Designed for on site professional and studio use, but great for all consumer events.
Buy a snow machine and dazzle your friends and neighbors at parties, winter and holiday events, on parade floats and in stage productions. Like ALL Snowfall Machines, this type of snow evaporates in a minute or less after landing. Our patented solution leaves the ground dry and with no residue.
To add ground snow for snowplay, photo or to stay on the ground, click on the GROUND SNOW tab at the top of the page order one of our Combo packs that include ground snow.
The evaporative snow machine comes with 6 bottles of Solution in the box, providing 3 hours of run time; order extra snow machine fluid as needed. With FREE SHIPPING and free solution, you can own a machine for less than the cost of a rental. Made by Snowmasters, manufacturers of commercial machines used in major films and amusement parks worldwide. 1 year limited warranty direct from the manufacturer.
ORDERS SHIP OUT in 1 day BY UPS GROUND (2 to 4 day transit time, call for details) FROM OUR WAREHOUSE IN ALABAMA. ORDER ONLINE, or by PHONE OR EMAIL for more information: [email protected]
Basic Box Snowfall Machine

6 Pack Solution Concentrate for All Machines, Free Shipping 24 Pack Solution Concentrate for All Machines (4 packs of 6), Free Shipping
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