Instant Snow

Instant Snow

When you want realistic snow on the ground that will last a long time

Falling Snow

Falling Snow

When you want falling snow from a machine that evaporates immediately

Party Packages

Party Packages

When you want it all! Falling and ground snow combinations

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Fake Snow Experts

Thanks to SnoWonder, you can have your own winter wonderland whenever you want – even in summer! Our fake snow has a place at so many different events – school plays, photo-shoots, parties, window displays, crafts, decorations and much more. The uses of SnoWonder really are endless.

SnoWonder offers the best instant snow that is safe and non-toxic, making it perfect for children to enjoy. Our fake snow is made from a super-absorbent polymer that expands when mixed with water, creating a light and fluffy texture that looks and feels like real snow. It's a stress-free alternative to traditional snow play, allowing kids to have fun without the cold and wet mess.

Why Choose Us?

What sets SnoWonder instant snow apart from other artificial snow products is its realistic texture and appearance. The snow created with SnoWonder is soft, cool to the touch, and provides a tactile experience that truly mimics the real thing. Whether you're walking through a blanket of snow or making a snow angel, SnoWonder allows you to immerse yourself in the winter wonderland experience.

Multiple Uses

In addition to its recreational uses, SnoWonder instant snow can also be used for decorative purposes. Our artificial snow can be sprinkled on holiday displays, added to Christmas tree ornaments, or used as a festive touch for party decorations. The realistic look and feel of SnoWonder make it a versatile product that can enhance any winter-themed setting.

Experience the Wonder of Snow

Overall, SnoWonder instant snow is a fun and exciting product that brings the joy of snow to any occasion. With its ease of use, versatility, and realistic texture, it's the perfect way to create winter magic in any setting. So, whether you're planning a snowy adventure or looking to add a touch of winter wonder to your next event, SnoWonder is the answer. Experience the joy of snow all year round with SnoWonder — the ultimate snow in easy-to-use packaging. Enjoy the wonders of winter any time of the year at any location. From weddings to birthday parties, the sky's the limit. Order our fake snow online today!

SnoWonder Testimonials

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“I just wanted to send over a note to say thank you for your help answering all my (many) questions regarding your machines. We're so happy to be able to secure one and know it will be a great addition to this special wish day!”
Foster Friends
“I received the Snowman and tested it out as soon as it arrived; I am very impressed with the design and functionality! I cannot wait to see the children's faces at the Christmas event we are hosting for them!”
Angie Rivers Photography
“I wanted to let you know that my photo shoot went beautifully!! The kids had a blast playing in the artificial snow!! I even received a comment from one client who used to live in Pennsylvania about how real the SnoWonder felt!”

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photo of 2 Pound Bulk Pack makes 25 Gallons 2 Pound Bulk Pack makes 25 Gallons
Retail Price: $59.95
Deal of the Day Price: $39.95
photo of 4 Gallon Mix of instant snow from SnoWonder 4 Gallon Mix
Retail Price: $19.95
SALE PRICE: $14.95
photo of 24 Mini Packets of Instant Snow 24 Mini Packets of Instant Sno
Retail Price: $72.00
SALE PRICE: $39.95