The Great Wonders of Artificial Snow Powder

There's a lot to talk about when it comes to artificial snow powder. Whether you would like to know how fake snow is made on a chemical level, applications where it is commonly used or places that it can be bought, one thing is certain; it is an extremely versatile product. Check out our snow machines & our Snowman Snow Maker here!

Where Can I Buy Instant Snow?

For starters, in today's world you can buy almost everything online. This is easy, fast and convenient for most people. If you do decide to buy online, it's very likely you'll have some concerns and questions that you'd like to speak with someone about. A local company may be able to help, but we are happy to answer questions over the phone about any of the artificial snow powders we carry. Once you've decided to buy snow, you'll need to do some calculations to figure out how much you'll have to buy. How much instant fake snow powder are you going to need to cover the area you plan on placing it? How thick do you want the snow cover to be? All of these questions play a factor in figuring out your fake snow budget. Once you've figured out how much to spend on artificial snow powder, you can rest easy that you bought enough for the job and won't have to make a rush order.

How Fake Snow is Made

There are several things on the Internet that claim to create artificial snow powder from things like diapers, paper towels, sea salt, and baking soda. These create a white "mush" that looks nothing like snow. If you want your snow to look real, just buy fake snow decorations. Snow made naturally from Mother Nature is formed when cold air freezes water into crystals that eventually get heavy enough to fall down from the sky. Our snow works a little differently. Artificial snow powder is primarily sodium polyacrylate, which is known as a superabsorbent polymer (SAP). Sodium polyacrylate fake snow is the ground snow you see in movies and television shows and is used for snow play events of all types worldwide.

How to Use it

The holidays are the most common time to use this product. It is most often seen in holiday decorations, whether for the office or home, indoor or outdoors. In events or displays, it can be the most dramatic part of the scene. People aren't used to seeing fake snow that looks so real. Fake snow powder is also a big hit at children's parties, since they can romp around and play in it. It is also commonly used on the sets of photo and video shoots as a warm way to create a wintry theme. Whether you want to use it in your office or at home as a way to bond with the kids, fake snow will amaze you with its limitless possibilities.