Artificial Snow and Buying a Snow-Making Machine

It’s the middle of summer, but you need it to be winter. How are you supposed to do this? Instasnow, with the help of a snow-making machine, is your best bet. However, the process of making it, and choosing the right artificial snow maker to fit your needs, is a bit more complicated than it appears to be.

It’s pretty common knowledge that no two snowflakes are identical. In nature, as the flakes are built, their shapes are formed before they fall to the ground. The process starts with just a miniscule speck of dust in the air, which acts as a surface for sticky water molecules to attach to; they then mass together to create clouds, which condense into thin ice crystals. These crystals are the perfect surface for even more water to attach to and freeze, repeating the cycle.

An artificial snow maker recreates this difficult process, spewing out clouds of instasnow. To recreate the conditions necessary for snow, the artificial snow maker sprays super-cooled water, and tiny particles for the water to freeze onto, high up into the air – about 15 to 30 feet up, depending on the machine. This recreates the same freezing process which occurs up in the clouds.

However, since these flakes are not actually created in real clouds, the ice crystals forming the snow fall to the ground at a much faster rate, forming the snowman snow which is much heavier than real snow. This makes it better for winter activities – even in the middle of summer!

There are many places where you can buy snow-making machines to make instasnow, but a lot of them require a massive amount of power, and are often run by noisy and pollution-creating diesel machines. The majority of these machines have dire environmental consequences. This was a key factor when we designed the snowman snow on the market today.

Not only does our snow making machines turn your event into a picturesque wonderland by spewing realistic snowflakes high into the air, but it leaves the ground dry and without a harmful residue. It is completely safe and environmentally-friendly. It’s easy to make and doesn’t require mixing. It lasts for days or weeks when properly stored, it’s affordable, and it’s shipped for free anywhere in the continental U.S. Just add water to the snowman snow, and you will be able to start your fun in seconds!

All of these reasons, and more, make our snow making machines the best option for expelling artificial snow. You won’t be harming the environment, it’s safe for children, and it’s easy on your wallet. Plus, you don’t spend grueling hours mixing and stirring, getting sore and tired in the process. Shop our Snow Machines For Sale here!