Artificial Snow Powder

Making real snow is extremely complex and requires expensive machines and very low temperatures. This is the reason why people enjoy learning how to make fake snow, since it's the best option for people who want to have a snowfall experience when the snowfall season is over. Artificial snow powder allows you to make fake snow from powder. Making fake snow is extremely simple; all you have to do is mix the artificial snow powder with water and it’s done.

Our artificial snow powder lets you employ your imagination in full by giving you the opportunity to come up with splendid snowfall themes, winter themed parties, and all kinds of snow related entertainment. The artificial snow powder acts like a sponge which bursts into a substance which looks like real snow when water is poured on it. Artificial snow from powder is soft to touch and feels real like the fresh fallen snow. The fake snow doesn’t melt as it is not real ice. After a while the snow naturally evaporates as if it had never been there. The cool effect present in artificial snow powder is due to the water used. Water is guaranteed to evaporate; it is during this evaporation process in which the cooling effect is produced.

The quantity of decorative snow made from snow powder depends on the amount of powder and water used in the instant snow powder recipe. More powder and water means more snow whereas a smaller amount of powder and water means less snow, the process to make artificial snow is placed in your control, to make as much as you need and at the consistence you desire. Our Bulk Fake Snow doesn’t lower the temperatures of the surrounding environment at any given time. This gives you a unique snow experience which lacks the extreme low temperatures. At this point, you may be wondering, "Where can I buy fake snow?" The answer is simple: here at SnoWonder!

Everyone can make artificial snow from powder, this is mainly because the instant snow powder comes with instructions on how to make artificial snow, which are easy to understand and the snow making process only requires a little knowledge about the quantity of water and powder required. Additionally, the mixing process is basic and involves little stirring for brilliant results. Our artificial snow can be created indoors or outdoors, depending on the activity. It can settle on all surfaces except wood which absorbs water at a high rate. If you are covering wood, we suggest utilizing our shredded plastic snow, instead. After use, the faux snow can be easily cleared since it is not permanent. The best way to clear it up is by increasing the temperature, which makes it evaporate at a higher rate. This results into powder being collected on the ground which makes it easy for it to be wiped off.