Trade in the T-shirt cannon for a snow-making machine for your next party

Walking In a Winter Wonderland

Do you go all-out for your house parties? Did your last party feature an adult-sized bounce house and T-shirt cannon for some extra "wow"? If you are an over-the-top party planner or looking for Frozen party decoration ideas, you may be looking for that one extra thing to make your next party even more magical than the last and we've got just the thing: fake snow makers, or as they're also referred as, an Artificial Snow Machine!

What's so great about a snow-making machine?

An artificial snowmaking machine is not the same as a snow canon you see at a ski resort, but it is still just as magical for creating your Frozen party decoration ideas and more. A special type of commercial snowmaking machine, snow cannons are commercial-grade only and are very costly to rent. Also, they only operate in temperatures under 20 degrees Farenheit, which may not be possible everywhere. Artificial snowmaking machines, or fake snow makers, are available and affordable consumer or commercial snow makers that are safe to operate at a wide variety of temperatures. Also, the instant snow created by a quality party snow machine does not create a wet, soggy mess on the floor so it is perfect for indoor house parties.

Artificial snow-producing machinery is not made to cover ski slopes, but it is perfect for bringing to life your Frozen party decoration ideas, or for more creative outlets such as film production and photography.

Birthday Party SnowfallArtificial Snowfall

Artificial snow-making machines feature:

  • Small size – The small size of a snowmaking machine allows for portability and a wider range of positioning options for optimal snowfall results.
  • Vanishing snow – This small party snow making machine produces snow that falls down peacefully and evaporates when it touches a surface to eliminate mess.
  • Inconspicuous design– The snow-making machine comes in a form that blends in with the scenery, ie. a snowman.
  • Eco-friendliness – The material used to produce the artificial snow is not harmful to the environment.

Sounds awesome! Where can I buy a snow maker?

Here at SnoWonder, we are committed to providing our customers with top-quality artificial snow-making machines and other artificial snow products at affordable prices.