Creating A Winter Wonderland With Artificial Snow

Sometimes, you just want a Snow Theme Party for a special event. If Murphy’s Law is in play, it will not snow. If the setting is indoors you cannot bring real snow inside. The best way to overcome both of those hurdles to create a snow winter wonderland, is to arrange for artificial snow for your event.

Your Theme: Winter Wonderland

Creating a winter wonderland is impossible without some type of snow. Artificial snow for this event is an essential ingredient. If you are in charge, you need to obtain the finest possible type available. At SnoWonder, this is our specialty. We are there to help you with ideas on how best to employ the artificial snow. Consider the following uses of artificial snow that will bring that extra special element. Creating a winter wonderland has the ability to enchant an entire crowd and hold their attention. If done right, your decorative fake snow display will be the focus of everyone’s eyes. Applications of artificial snow for your event include:

  • Create table centerpieces: This brings the snow to the guests and creates that snow magic, providing them with something to talk about while enhancing the overall atmosphere
  • Snow Globes: Place snow globes in the middle of selected spots. Try arranging them with evergreen branches or integrate them into the centerpiece with snow sprinkled around them. These small touches will further establish and emphasize your theme
  • Miniature villages: Provide a miniature village complete with snow dusted roof tops and cobbled streets
  • Greenery: Cover the branches of trees (real or artificial; deciduous or evergreen; small or large) – depending upon the size of your display
  • Artificial gas lights or candles: Sprinkle them with snow or place them in a small pile of snow so the light shines through producing a soft glow
  • Backdrops: If used wisely artificial snow for your event can provide a great backdrop and part of a winter scene complete with woodland creatures and other props. It can create an area for children to play in.

In fact, there are so many creative and different ways to use artificial snow for your event, a thorough list of uses for fake snow is beyond the scope of this blog post!

If you want to decorate an entrance or use on stage, shredded plastic snow is recommended because artificial snow is very slippery to walk on.

Artificial Snow for Your Event

If your intent is to provide your guests with a winter theme party, you’ll need high quality artificial snow for the event. At SnoWonder, we can offer you high quality, realistic snow of various types – all intended to make your event a success. Check out what we offer here at SnoWonder. We have what it takes to make your guests feel like they are walking in a Winter Wonderland.