It’s Snowing Inside: Artificial Snow Powder

If you want real snow for a winter themed event, you'll have to get lucky break with Mother Nature. Of course, if the event is held inside and it's not in an arena, real snow is not going to work. Artificial snow powder is the best solution for people that want to have snow for their indoor event.

Easy Fake Snow Powder Outperforms the Real Thing

While conditions have to be perfect for snow to appear outdoors, they don't have to be for indoor use. This is just one of the benefits of using artificial snow powder when creating a snow scape inside. Whether it's used for a movie shoot, a theatrical production or a special event, artificial snow powder is great for indoor use.

At SnoWonder we are experts in providing you with the best type of instant snow powder. We know the advantages of using it in interior spaces and places as decorative fake snow. The benefits of using artificial snow powder are as follows:

  • Visually, it will look as good as the real thing
  • Not as messy as natural snow and can be used indoors without melting
  • It's easy to create and makes set up extremely easy
  • Presents no health or safety risk from ingestion
  • Is light and very easy to work with
  • Imitation snow does not cause people to shiver or become damp or soggy
  • If you want soft, fluffy snow or powdery snow, you can get it. This is certainly not true with genuine snow
  • Instant snow powder can produce fake snow that can last for several days or can be cleaned up quickly after you are finished

Artificial Snow Powder

While it's certain that nothing can ever replace the real snow, there is much to be said for faux snow. At SnoWonder, we believe our artificial snow powder is capable of impressing even the most skeptical – and providing people with that sense of delight and wonder that magical snow coverage can bring. Where to Buy Fake Snow? Take a look at our Wholesale Artificial Snow here.