Instant Snow - Instant Savings

Indoor and outdoor, parties, or professional shoots – Whatever your needs, our instant snow will exceed your expectations. If you find yourself asking- Where to buy artificial snow? SnoWonder is the specialist when it comes to making the most realistic artificial snow possible. Gallon bulk packs, shredded plastic snow, snow blankets, and even Styrofoam snow pellets…We have what you need.

Buying on a budget

Bulk Snow is available in any shipping quantity you need, and there are a variety of bulk sizes available for fast online ordering. We are able to provide a quote for you, so you can plan ahead financially and figure out exactly how much you need. The small, colorful retail packages come in three different sizes in wholesale quantities for stores, special events, and promotions. Theme kits are also available to up the ante on the fun-factor. People will be talking about your event for years to come!

Where to buy artificial snow/Where to get fake snow?

A wholesale price list is available upon request to provide you with a customized quote. International customers do not need to fret over astronomical costs, as we offer special pricing on large orders to help cover those big shipping costs.

Our pride in Our Products and Services

We’re not just experts on artificial snow; we take pride in our safety as well. They take big precautions to ensure customer safety and satisfaction on every order, providing instant snow which is safe and non-toxic. The super-absorbent, artificial snow is specifically designed to emulate the real thing. It can even be used around children and pets, though the mixing process should always be supervised by an adult. The Fake Snow Mix is also slippery, just like real snow. It is also slippery, just like real snow.

Our instant snow has the weight of real snow and will not blow around and cause problems. It will not melt, though there is a slow surface evaporation which is to be expected.

All About Our Instant Snow for Events

The best thing about it, other than how much fun it is, instant snow absorbs 50 to 100 times its volume in water, so just a small amount of powder will yield gallons of snow. In fact, one cup of powder produces 2 gallons of instant snow. This will make things easier on your wallet when it comes time to planning your next big event, especially when compared to your previous parties. Save your wallets, and your health, and order some instant snow from us today!